donderdag 28 april 2011

Howdy evrybody,

I just had an idea. How about I satisfy the QOTSA-lovers with another awesome song from our favorite band?

Oh yes yes, forget those writings, this is gonna be a pure music-thread.

Today, Ill be giving you a song that is not so famous, but still sooooo awesome. Its The Bronze, featured on the re-release of QOTSAs self-titled album.

The reason I freakin love this song is because of the epic harmony in it. They hardly ever play this live (at least not in the past 10 years), but it would create one hell of an atmosphere. I really think that the old material of QOTSA has the most emotion, but I still love all their songs. Enjoy!!!

woensdag 27 april 2011

Hey musiclovers,

I would like to show you all one hell of a live performance of one of my favorite songs, You Can't Quit Me Baby by QOTSA (Queens Of The Stone Age). It's a song about the unanswered love for a girl who is way out of your league.

It is also a very sad story about stalking and cutting yourself, and however many people dislike the fact that the song is speeded up live, I find that Josh Homme & co deliver a superb performance. The song is absolutely beautiful and with so much power and feeling, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and tingle.

Enjoy the funky bass riff at the beginning, the harmonic equality between Josh and Troy and the awesome drumming of Joey Castillo.
I'm walking through her forest again, waiting for something to clear this mess up. My body is no longer human, but shaped like an elephant, huge, and destructive, and my paws create foggy clouds of yellowish dust every time they pound the ground. Every helpless little one of the creatures she used to call memories, are destroyed at the moment they fail to escape my destructive footsteps.

The forest is old, as my grey eyes can see, but yet it smells so fresh, and the leaves are filled with the green colour of life. As I approach one of those juicy leaves, the tunes of those long forgotten fill my ears, and my heart with joy. The wolves are here, ready to eat me up, spit me out and bring me back to place I love most: Musical heaven..

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